Review: Aura’s Restore Face Oil (Tea Tree β€’ Neroli) For Acne/Acne Marks πŸŒΏ

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for being so inactive on my blog these days. Actually, I’m too busy to tell you guys how busy I am. Haha kidding, I’m just making an excuse. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, so, people dealing with acne, acne-scars, uneven skin-tone & dull complexion, this one’s for you! I hope you’re reading this. The kind team of Aura Crafts sent me their Restore Face Oil (Tea Tree β€’ Neroli Oil) to try just a few weeks ago. They assured me that it is going to be a wonderful oil for my acne-marks & is especially designed for oily & sensitive skin.

Before moving on to the actual review, let me give you a quick intro of Aura.



We are a passionate group of individuals who believe that the most powerful and effective ingredients for our bodies come from nature. We want to take you back to the basics and far away from harmful chemicals to help you achieve the best skin and hair care from the inside out! Our products do not contain any harsh ingredients such as parabens, alcohols, toxins or artificial fragrances. We are passionate about all things natural and strongly believe in honest and unprocessed products. Everything from the research, development to the production stage is handled solely at our workshop in Lahore, Pakistan. By over looking these departments we can ensure the highest quality products to our customers. We truly enjoy producing our products ourselves and believe that our hard work goes a long way.

Now let’s move on to its review!

πŸ”Ά Review: Aura’s Restore Face Oil (Tea Tree β€’ Neroli)Β 


Restore’s face oil is contained in a glass dropper bottle in emerald Β for easy application. It is made up of a mixture of tea tree & neroli, two of the best ingredients for the treatment of acne & acne-marks, which ultimately makes this oil a permanent spot on your dressing table. This oil has a very light texture which makes it really suitable Β for people with oily/sensitive skin type.

Tones Skin, Lightens Scars, Brightens Complexion

Tea tree oil is a great natural alternative for getting rid of pimples. It has unique disinfecting and soothing properties and, unlike other acne treatments, tea tree oil will not strip your skin of its natural oils and cause further damage while Neroli Oil has a special ingredient that causes scars, spots and after-marks left by acne, boils, and pox to fade away. This face oil helps to even your skin-tone & also gives it a natural glow. The other ingredients in this pil (apricot oils & evening primrose) plays a vital role in hydrating & smoothening the skin. Β Together, itΒ will be an effective tool in your battle against pimples. πŸ’₯

I definitely recommend you all to try their products since I felt a great change in my skin after its use. πŸ’•


You can get this product for PKR 1600 from the following stores or online:Β 


To apply, pour a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton bud, cotton pad or tissue. Gently dab the tea tree oil onto any pimples or spots. Leave for a few hours, or overnight. The redness and swelling should decrease. Remember to apply it on clean & dry face.

You would need to be patient to see visible results since you cannot expect a product to show up results over night. I’ve been using it since weeks & I’m absolutely loving it! Β HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Β πŸ’“

To get rid of stubborn acne is not a nightmare anymore. ✨


Never step out in the sun after using this face oil on your face. Use it at night-time only. 🌚

If you’re interested in more products by Aura, here’s their price list:

Don’t forget to like them on theirΒ Facebook PageΒ & follow them onΒ Instagram. βœ”οΈ


I choose Aura for my skin! 🌺

I hope you guys liked this post. Leave comments for suggestions/queries & do share your experience with us if you have tried their products. Good day! 🌀


  1. Shafaat Khan · April 8, 2017

    Does this oil helped with acne scars??? Please reply as my biggest insecurity is my face. It sometimes gets me into depression. If it helped i wud love to buy it.


    • Aaniat Blog πŸ’“ · May 23, 2017

      I’ve noticed my skin tends to breakout more when I use it. Currently, I’m using these tablets “Daxar (Isotretenoin)” and it’s been 3 months already and all my acne is magically gone. Talk to a dermatologist about these capsules if you can use them too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sikandar22 · September 5, 2017

    when you so inspired to me they are so god gifted yrs aaniat why do have talking to me


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