Guava Leaves; A Remedy That Actually Works! πŸƒ

Hello everyone! I’m sure you were pretty bored reading those product reviews in a line on my blog for the past few days. It’s time for a natural home remedy for the problems that we hate the most: Acne spots, Black spots & Blackheads!Β 

Guava leaf, like many other herbs, has an amazing array of qualities, and it seems to be able to do amazing things. When it comes to skin-care, guava leaves can greatly help in improving your skin and treatment of various skin disorders.


Acne and black spots are quite annoying as they adversely affect the appearance of your skin. Guava leaves are effective in eliminating acne and black spots, which are very from the skin. They contain an antiseptic that can kill acne causing bacteria.


Wash a few guava leaves & mash them properly. If needed, add a little water in it too to make a better paste out of it. Now apply it directly on your stubborn dark spots. Wash it with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Do this daily until you get a clear-looking skin. You can refrigerate this paste for a few days too to use it next time & to save yourself from making a new one. πŸ˜›


If you want to remove blackheads naturally, just mix a few crushed leaves and some water. Use the mixture as a facial scrub. For more smoothness, you can add a little honey into it too. 🍯


This mixture is also good for preventing premature aging of the skin. Apply the same mixture mentioned above on your face for a younger & fresh looking skin. 😍

I hope you guys liked this remedy. I thank my uncle to tell me about this long time ago. Sadly, he’s not in this world anymore. May Allah Almighty Bless his soul rest in peace, Ameen.

See you guys next time then. And oh, don’t forget to leave any suggestions/queries. Toodles! πŸ’•


  1. Aisha Zaka · February 24, 2016

    Can I use mint leaves instead?


  2. Fatima · February 24, 2016



  3. Zoonia Khan Tahirkheli · March 2, 2016

    Your blog is Masha’Allah very good and full of miracles. Keep it up and stay blessed. Jazak’Allah.


  4. Tooba khattak · July 2, 2016



  5. Clara May · April 3, 2017

    Im using guava leaves do i need to use it twice a day or just once a day? Im planning to use it every morning and night but I’m scared im gonna burn up my face


  6. jessa · June 20, 2017

    can i use it as a TONER?


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