Review: Tooney Teez Clothing ðŸ‘•ðŸ‘š

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing a great job. 🕶

Well, I came here to post another review today but it’s not any makeup or skin care product this time. It’s about an online clothing brand I’m currently obsessed with! Oh wait, I hope you don’t fear ordering anything online haha because I’m sure you must’ve heard about so many online shopping disasters on the internet like this one:


But nothing to worry about, I’m gonna review this very trusted & one of my favourite T-shirt brands today. To clear your doubts, I’m going to show you exactly how these t-shirts showed on the screen & how they looked in real!

Anyway, so I just received a parcel a few days back from the kind team of Tooney Teez. The parcel enclosed five t-shirts from their best seller Summer Collection’16. FIVE AMAZING T-SHIRTS!!! Ah, got me excited!😍


This one’s for all the potter-heads out there.🔮


This is how it looked on me:


Meowww! I’m a huge cat lover so this one was probably my favourite out of all the rest!😻


Here’s a picture of me wearing this tee with my cat (that was not coordinating with me at that rime lol) 😹



If you are a fan of coffee or know one who is, this tee is perfect! Gift it to your coffee-lover friends or wear it yourself if you are one. 🍺☕️


This is how I looked wearing this tee:

And like this in a selfie 👅


For those of you who have caught on to the Game of Thrones craze, this tee is for you. ‘The North Remembers‘ is an oft-repeated phrase among the Northerners. It means that the Northerners don’t easily forget past events especially betrayals.👿


This is how I looked wearing this navy blue tee: 


“Potter-head after all this time?”




    All the t-shirts are available in four different sizes:

    1. Small.
    2. Medium.
    3. Large.
    4. Extra Large


      These t-shirts are each for pkr. 800 which is extremely affordable for such an amazing clothing quality. Also, the brand usually offers exciting deals to the customers like “Buy one, get one free” or buying 2 shirts with a discounted price of pkr.1000 instead of pkr.1600. Shopping here is definitely so much fun & super affordable.


        These shirts are made from 100% cotton. The type of cotton being used by this brand is combed cotton which is a very top-quality & extremely soft type of cotton. Read more about combed cotton by clicking here.

        Secondly, they do screen printing on their shirts that doesn’t fade away even after washing. Most online t-shirt brands make use of heat transfer or stickers as their printing merhod which isn’t durable & fades away overtime. 🎨🖌


          Being really honest here, I was never really a fan of t-shirts. I mean, I liked wearing tops & button shirts but never t-shirts, probably because I was never satisfied with their sizes. Some used to be uncomfortably small in size while others were loose as hell. The ones I got from Tooney Teez fit perfectly! I liked rolling the sleeves a bit ( that’s how I prefer wearing a t-shirt) & glad to know they stayed in place without bothering me to do that again & again. I absolutely loved the texture. All these t-shirts are super comfortable, slouchy & relaxed, but well-fitted that gives off a neat look. The fabric used (100% cotton) surely seems to be more durable and more lustrous since I already have two of their t-shirts from their previous collections of 2014 & they still look new as if they were never worn, still crisp & bright.

          I loved the material in a way that it’s soft, sturdy, and breathable. It is ideal for everyday wear and is casual as it is light and airy and do not cling to the body (thank God!)

          The only downside I felt to these shirts is that they wrinkle easily and often require slight ironing. Other than that, every thing is splendid about Tooney Teez. You won’t ever face delay in their delivery services. They deliver within 5 working days. Items as described, received in a timely manner and everything was clearly communicated. Online shopping cannot be better than this.

          This brand isn’t just about t-shirts. Check their amazing range of hoodies/sweatshirts, tanktops/gymwear, shirts from TV-series (like Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball Z, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Dead Pool etc) & fashion jewelry on its website by clicking here!


          You can place your orders directly on their Official website or inbox them on Facebook page or on their Instagram profile! There’s no need to worry about the quality because I’m assuring you that you’ll definitely get what you saw on the screen & ordered, right at your door-step. 👑

          I hope you guys liked this review. Feel free to drop your suggestions/queries in the comment section below. Happy shopping!🛍



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