Review: Glutathione Products for Acne & Whitening 🦋

Hello ladies! Long time! Hope you’re all doing great. I was just so caught up in the university routine. First semester, you know how hectic that is.😓

Anyway, I’m writing this post to review some more glutathione products for you.📝

So I received another package from @_gluta_whitening_pk a few weeks back. If you haven’t read my previous reviews about it and you don’t know what exactly are glutathione products about, click here

The package, that I was lucky enough to recieve, enclosed the following products:

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Review: Perfect Combi Serum & Vampire Whitening Soap 📝

Hello everyone! It’s me again.💙Guess I’m at full speed on posting product reviews these days, & that’s mainly because my vacations are soon going to end (Oh God, please no!) 😭😭

Haha anyway, so I just got another parcel from Gluta Whitening Pk a few weeks back. They sell Gluthathione products straight from Thailand to Pakistan as I told you in my previous to previous blog-post reviewing some of their products (Click here to read that)

Following are the products they sent me in my PR bundle:

  • Perfect Combi Serum by Bare Body Essentials
  • Vampire Whitening Soap by Benny


Before proceeding, I would like to know if you’ve heard of Glutathione before? If not, here’s a brief info:

  • What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant made from all-natural amino acids that occur in nature and are beneficial to our bodies. It is actually fairly popular in Asian countries like Japan and China, particularly with women. Typically, it is used for skin whitening, and as a product, that’s where it really shines but, it can be very helpful with a number of other skin issues as well. So, if you’re considering using skin whitening products but you’re afraid of potential side effects, you should give Glutathione some consideration. It’s effective when it comes to whitening the skin quickly, and it’s widely regarded as a safe way to whiten the skin. Also, it has a beneficial effect for women that have cystic acne, acne-prone skin or even the occasional breakout. 👸🏻

Let’s get to the reviews now!🏃🏻

 Perfect Combi Serum By Bare Body Essentials


Bare body essentials is a a high-end retail chain for skin-care products & cosmetics. Perfect Combi Serum is currently one of the best sellers of this brand. 🎁

This serum comes in a 20 ml  bottle (300ph) with a pump & the packaging is really hygienic. It is basically made for the following benefits:

  • Benefits:

  1. Shrink pores.
  2. Gives pinking glow.
  3. Evens out skin tone.
  4. Prevent pimples & acne.

This serum helps to prevent sun damage, while also maintaining your skin’s moisture levels. It has anti-inflammatory benefits, making it ridiculously fantastic at healing skin wounds and acne, and reducing pore size. Not only this, it helps to brighten the skin too!💛🌟


  • Ingredients:


The many above mentioned benefits can be achieved by using this serum because it is 100% organic with tomato, collagen, witch-hazel & aloe-vera. It is loaded with vitamins – C, E, B6, B1, B3 and B2 for mantaining a healthy skin.

  • How To Use It?

Press the pump twice to extract the required amount of serum & apply it on your face gently using your fingertips. It’ll be absorbed by your skin easily. Just that easy, you’re done! Use it twice a day (right before bed and after washing your face in the morning)🌚🌝

  • Price:

This serum is worth pkr. 4500. I know that’s a lot for a 20 ml bottle of serum but usually, high price of a product indicates a higher level of quality & that’s definitely the case here.💰


Vampire Whitening Soap By Benny


“Wait whaaattt? Vampire whitening soap? Why would they even name a soap like that?😯
Exactly my reaction! And then I pondered and realized that it’s probably because it’s basically a whitening soap that gives you a vampire-like whitening that’s prominent enough (but not that pale haha!) This soap is bright-red in colour and has a really sweet smell.👑

It offers the following benefits:

  • Main Benefits:

  1. Resolves skin sunburn.
  2. Whitens the dark areas such as armpits, groin, knees & elbows.
  3. Gives a healthy white natural glow on skin.
  4. Lifting stubborn dirt.
  5. Skin whitening..
  6. Smooth & moisturized skin.
  7. Resolves acne & acne-mark issues.

This soap is especially formulated to smooth skin’s radiance & to reduce the appearance of dark spots and scars.👒

  • Ingredients:

Following are the ingredients responsible for the wonderful benefits of this soap:

Coconut Oil, Glutathione,Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Milk, Perfume, AHA, Oat Extract, Alpha Arbutin, Glycolic Acid, Fragrance, Hydrogenatec Palm, Kernel Oil & Olive Oil.🍶

  • How To Use It?

This soap can be used on both the face & the body. Lather it on your face & body properly, leave it for a minute or two & then rinse it off. You’ll love how foamy it is. It’s lathers well (that is why I really like this soap) & makes your skin softer with a really nice pinkish-white glow.💖

If you think your soap is melting way too quick, here’s a tip on how you can keep it for long: Cut the soap in small 2-3 pieces in order to make this bar of soap last longer (it works).👍🏻

  • Price

The price of this soap is pkr 2500/-, DEFINITELY pricey, but absolutely worth every penny.💸


 🎀My Personal Review About These Products:

I’ve already been using some of the products I got from this page and literally, I’ve stopped using all the home remedies and other stuff I used to do for my skin. 😍

The only skin problem I had was acne. From dermatologist recommendations to trying random home remedies, I’ve never been able to fix my skin. All of them had short-lived effect so I was never really satisfied with any of them & became hopeless until I tried these miracle glutathione products. 👑 Whilst many people choose to cover their blemishes with make up, virtually all would prefer to get rid of their skin problems & be able to experience much clearer skin, naturally. I used to wonder if this is even possible though? Fortunately, YES! Even my friends and family members have noticed a noticeable change in my skin. Feels great when they ask me out of surprise, “Where the hell did your acne go?  I can’t see that anymore!” 😻💕

The smell of both of these products kinda remind me of some yummy berries that’s enough to please my nose. 👃🏻I use this soap every time I go to take a bath, and it brightens my skin for a little bit, like peeling off my dead skin & gives a really bright color. Over all, I would 100% recommend you all to use these products and see visible results in 15-30 days since I’m pretty much impressed by them myself.💎

📞 How To Place Your Order?

I was glad to learn that these imported products were available in Pakistan at@gluta_whitening_pk on Instagram. You can also inbox them on their official Facebook page. Delivery time is super quick. Also, you don’t even need to worry about using them as they deliver 100% authenticated & FDA approved products right at your door step.🚪

I hope this review was helpful to you in anyway. Feel free to share us your thoughts in the comment box below! Have a great day! 🌥


Review: Snail White Soap + Indian Herbal Cream for Acne & Whitening 💎

Hey guys! I hope everyone’s in the pink of their healths & having a great vacation. 😄

Mine were kinda ruined because I don’t know why I felt that pimples love me so much that they don’t wanna leave me haha! 😂 but honestly guys everytime it dries up, another new pimple’s popping on my face argh! But to my good luck, I’ve been rescued by some miracle products I got a few weeks back. The parcel included a herbal cream & a soap that promised prominent results in JUST 15 DAYS! Pfft! Crazy right!? But it kinda tempted me to give them a shot, & so I did. 

So I did a post on my Instagram promising my followers that if these products really work for real, I’ll definitely review them on my blog. Many of them were getting crazy over that so just give me a minute and find out why! 💜


Let’s get to the reviews now.💨


This cream is made locally by Indian herbalists from pure Indian Herbs. I guess we’re all pretty aware of the importance of Indian Herbs in the world of beauty & skin-care. In India, Ayurveda has also been endorsing the use of herbs for beauty and healthy skin for more than 5,000 years now. 

This cream is well packed into a hygienic cap that protects the cream from being exposed to the air to keep it fresh and reduce the contamination due to bacteria and germs. Thumbs up for that! It’s yellowish in colour & smells great! Indian herbs, zaffran, collagen, vitamin E & sandal oil are its chief ingredients.

  •   Benefits

This cream claims to transform the skin into a more youthful look which includes improving firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating and making the skin brighter. The main benefits include:
1. Skin-Whitening
2. Skin-glow
3. Reduction of pigmentation, dark spots, acne marks, wrinkles, eye bags, acne, pimples, & freckles
4. Skin-tightening
5. Even out skin tone
6. Treats many types of skin allergies.

  • How To Use It?

Put this cream on your face while just patting it softly using your fingertips. The cream will be absorbed by your skin easily. Just that easy, you’re done! Remember to apply it right before you sleep at night & wake up with a moisturized & fresh skin. The cream may look like it’s thick but  when you apply it to your face, it will be easily absorbed.⭐️

  • Price

You can get this herbal cream for just pkr 1500/-💰


The Snail White x10 Acne & Whitening Soap is made from all natural extracts & is a product of Thailand.  

  • Proven Benefits Of This Soap:

This soap contains glutathione (wow!) & is tested & proven to whiten the complexion while maintaining a smooth & soft skin with a lighter & firmer texture. It is specifically formulated to solve skin problems, reduce oil/sebum production, diminish acne, acne marks, dark spots, wrinkles & repair imperfections to promote a healthy & glowing skin. It’s very safe & gentle even on a sensitive skin.😍

  • How To Use It?

This soap can be used on both the face & the body. Lather it on your face & body properly, leave it for a minute & then rinse it off. You’ll love how foamy it is. It’s lathers well (that is why I really like this soap) & makes your skin softer with a really nice pinkish-white glow. The only down side for me is that it melts easily so I find a way for it. What I did is I cut the soap in small 2-3 pieces in order to make this bar of soap last longer.👍🏻

  • Price

The price of this soap is pkr 2000/- which I know is a lot if you think you’re just getting a soap with this much money but, this is totally worth it as you’re definitely going to notice some amazing results after using it.💸
 🎀 My Personal Review About These Products:

Being very honest here, I’ve noticed that using this cream and soap consistently has made my skin more brighter, smoother, firmer, and healthier. My complexion is definitely getting better now. I can go out even without covering up those pimple marks because they are almost gone now & I’m pretty sure they’ll completely fade away with continued use. Ahh damnnnn it makes me feel so happy on the inside! 

As a person who suffered from acne for many years, I must say that giving these amazing products a try took me to the next level! I never thought I could have a better skin anymore! I was stressed because I thought there are no cosmetics that will work on my acne-prone skin, but I’m glad I gave it a try! 

As you can see above in my old photo,  acne & its stubborn marks were literally the only skin problem I was facing since a long time & I’m utterly thankful to these wonderful products.
Well, these products claimed their benefits, and they’re all true indeed! I recommend this soap to all those who have acne and desires to have a pinkish- white skin.

I was glad to learn that these imported products were available in Pakistan at @gluta_whitening_pk on Instagram. You can also inbox them on their official Facebook page. Delivery time is super quick. Also, you don’t even need to worry about using them as they deliver 100% authenticated & FDA approved products right at your door step.

So guys, have you ever tried any of these products? Or are you still eyeing to have them soon? Feel free to share us your thoughts in the comment box below! Have a great day! 🌥

Product Review: Hand-Made Soaps by Yellow Berry 🛁

The kind team of Yellow Berry sent me their beautiful, hand-made soaps in ‘Mango Peach Salsa’ & ‘Patchouli Vanilla & Oatmeal’ made from 100% natural ingredients a few weeks back. I’ve decided to review these miracle products on my blog as they really deserve a massive shoutout here.


The ingredients for both are mentioned on the small soap tags attached to the soaps. You will notice that they are made primarily from Olive Oil, Coconut, Palm Oil, Almond and Sunflower Oil. These are food grade oils to ensure the highest quality. Olive, sunflower and almond oil are moisturising oils, while coconut is reputed to offer cleansing properties. Palm oil is added to ensure rich lather and stability to the soap. 


The beeswax in Peach Mango too offers moisturising properties as well as natural anti inflammation. The Paprika offers a micro exfoliation. It is rich in vitamin A that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens skin tone.

The Patchouli Vanilla contains real vanilla seeds as well as patchouli essential oil, both hefty on the pocket. Hence the price. Patchouli essential oil has long been used to treat acne and to diminish scars. I plan to put it into my shampoos later because its got anti dandruff properties too. 

🔹 Is it suitable for my skintype?

Peach mango is a balanced bar for all skin types and can be used for the face and body.

The Patchouli Vanilla is suitable for the same.

🔹 Why hand-made soaps?

Soap that you buy at stores is more of a synthetic detergent and can contain harmful unwanted chemicals and additives, resulting in numerous skin ailments. When soap is handmade, the reaction that occurs produces ‘Glycerin’ – a byproduct that conditions your skin. Mass-produced industrial soaps are stripped off of Glycerin, while handmade soaps retain all of it. Handmade soaps are better for the environment, contain no detergents, phosphates or detrimental additives and are never tested on animals. A lot of care is put into our YellowBerry products and we think it shows.
So why not switch today from those ‘detergent’ bars to the REAL stuff?


Peach mango is for pkr 850 and Patchouli Vanilla is for pkr 900. 

The soaps are all handmade so they are priced high. Since it is not mass produced, the unit cost is much higher. Plus the artisan look and the good quality of ingredients come with the price.

🔹 What I personally think?

Well, I really don’t have anything negative to say about this soap. It’s totally worth a try. I was literally so played out because of my acne & acne-acars but I’ve felt a visible change in my skin after using it. It’s been more than a week & there’s not a single zit yet. I feel my skin has got really moisturized & supple now, thanks to a combination of oils added in it. Long thing short, I absolutely love these soaps, perfect for a soft skin and smells great too!  💕

Oh &, I had great skin (free of pimples) this eid too! 😍

🔴 NOTE: 

Keep them out of running/standing water. Since they dont have any preservatives, they wont retain their hardness otherwise.

I’m thankful to Yellow Berry for making such amazing handmade soaps. They’re doing a really good job. 

🔹 How to place an order? 

You can order the soap of your choice by inboxing Yellow Berry on their facebook page or instagram profile

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review. Feel free to comment for any suggestions/queries. Take care until next time sweeties! 💘💋

Acne Solution: Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar! 💯

Hey everyone! How you doin’? 🙋🏻Sorry for my inactivity. Also, pardon me but this is going to be a really brief blogpost since I’m busy with studies these days but I HAD TO take a few minutes out of my busy routine to write this one.

My skin was breaking out a lot probably due to exam stress or, as an unpleasant side-effect of this hot summer season. Ten zits at a time popped up on my face! I just had to do something. After trying out a lot of remedies, I just FINALLLLYY found a great one! 

Okay, it’s pretty easy and I can easily use it twice a day without skipping. So people out there battling with summer’s most annoying problem; Acne, this one’s for you. Here’s you so it:-



  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar.
  • 2 tsp water. 


Take a small bowl and mix the above ingredients in it. Make sure you have your face washed before using this remedy. Now start applying this mixture using a cotton ball on your face and where ever you have any sort of acne or if there’s any pimple ready to be surfaced (e.g yours arms, back or neck.) 

” Use it twice a day, no excuse. “


If you have a sensitive skin, dilute apple cider vingar more using more water or trying adding honey in it to sooth any kind of irritation. 🍯

This solution is basically a home-made toner. Have you read my old blogpost featuring the importance of using a toner? If not, click here

Yep! So this was it! I hope you guys liked this post. Feel free to comment for suggestions or queries. Have a great (& acne-free) summer. ☀️ 

Beauty Tip For Lashes 🌸


Clean up an old mascara brush and apply vaseline on it. Now use it on your lashes for a natural look instead of a mascara. It will darken your lashes, won’t cake up & won’t dry up to make lashes break off. Here’s your perfect waterproof mascara, easy to use, easy to remove. 💕🌸

Also, using Vaseline on lashes helps them to grow better & stronger.