DMGM Xtreme Matte Chubby Stick; Review + Swatches 🍁

Bright lips look hot. From the runways to everyday life, bold lips are everywhere this fall season. If you haven’t found your favourite shade yet, this blogpost might be quite helpful to you. But the question is, ” Are you bold enough to rock a bold lip? ” Read More


Get Your Beauty Sleep! 💤😴

💤 What is beauty sleep?

Beauty sleep is the sleep that is considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful. This is not a women term only. This is for every single one of you! It is necessary for good health, beauty, skin, hair, concentration and almost everything. Slumber is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment. GOOD NEWS! Even when you’re snoozing, you’re getting a lot accomplished. How amazing is that? 💕

💤 What Happens While You Sleep?

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Removing Mascara Without Breaking Lashes 🔮

Mascara is a cosmetic product used to add definition to the eyelashes. It thickens, darkens, lengthens and curls your eye lashes making your eye to look wider and much better.

But with every good thing, there’s a bad side. This is true, every good thing really has a dark side. We all love mascaras but for some of you, it’s really difficult to remove it, especially if you’re wearing a water-proof mascara. I always prefer regular mascaras as they’re pretty easy to remove as compared to the former. If you don’t know the right method to remove your mascara, you’re really going to make your lashes fall out. This will slowly decrease your lash volume and you’d start noticing tiny gaps between your lash hair.

So, to keep this from happening, I’m going to tell you a very easy method for mascara-removal! 💕 Read More

Get Longer & Stronger Lashes NATURALLY! 🌺

Natural is always the best way. 🌿 I’ve always wanted longer, atrractive lashes so bad. Spending money on fake lashes, sticking them on the eyelids with a stupid glue (which may have chemicals you don’t know about and that too, applying so close to such a sensitive part of the body; the eye) and then taking care of them so that they don’t fall off is a difficult thing to do. Whatever it is, fake lashes still look fake no matter how popular they are so I decided to look for natural ways to make my lashes long and strong.


Tired of dry, frizzy hair? 😞

If you’re a woman, you’d DEFINITELY take hair as the first noticeable thing in any person you’re meeting for the first time. I mean, it is one of the first few things people notice. If you have good hair, it’ll automatically leave a good impression on the person you’re with.

As a woman, you style your hair everyday. Heat-styling is just so common, you can’t deny that. But stop! Ever wondered how damaging it is for your hair? Okay, maybe you did but are you doing anything to stop that? Sadly, it’s a no for many of the girls who’re reading this.


” My mood depends upon how good my hair looks ” ✨

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Vaseline; Wonder Jelly

Long posts usually bore the readers so I’ll keep it brief and to-the-point. This post is free from promotional purposes and it is based on my own personal experience.

I want to list out some of the major benefits of petroleum jelly. It’ll surely be your best-friend after reading this post because it can make many beauty wonders on your skin and you’d know why is it even called a wonder jelly!    Read More