Removing Mascara Without Breaking Lashes 🔮

Mascara is a cosmetic product used to add definition to the eyelashes. It thickens, darkens, lengthens and curls your eye lashes making your eye to look wider and much better.

But with every good thing, there’s a bad side. This is true, every good thing really has a dark side. We all love mascaras but for some of you, it’s really difficult to remove it, especially if you’re wearing a water-proof mascara. I always prefer regular mascaras as they’re pretty easy to remove as compared to the former. If you don’t know the right method to remove your mascara, you’re really going to make your lashes fall out. This will slowly decrease your lash volume and you’d start noticing tiny gaps between your lash hair.

So, to keep this from happening, I’m going to tell you a very easy method for mascara-removal! 💕 Read More